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The story - The Music of an Unequal Love

The Music of an Unequal Love is a page turner. Gigi Stybr combines the enchantment of music, suspense, sex and humor with the larger questions of love and life into a spellbinding reading experience…

Alma Daniel, best-selling author of "Ask your Angels"


I have enjoyed five wonderful days consumed by this novel! It was a trip to New York City and an education in classical music. The love story involves a man with immense musical talent but whose humanity, even toward those he professes to love, is nothing but a veneer. I await the next book by this author.

Patricia Brown, Mission Viejo, CA


With The Music of an Unequal Love Gigi Stybr has created a masterpiece and a treat for classical music lovers at the same time. Her intriguing story makes it impossible for the reader to put the book down. From the first to the last page I was kept in suspense, and I came away with the realization that there is not a greater power than "unconditional" love. Bravissimo!

Heidi Buenger, Montclair, NJ


This book was a page turner from start to finish. Just when you thought things could not get any more interesting, Gigi surprised you. Very well written, enlightening about the world of classical music, lots of suspense, sex and foreign intrigue. A love story that grabs your attention and rivets you to the very end

"Pelican" from Sarasota, FL


Gigi Stybr's book is musical, fun and sexy. It draws you immediately into her world. It is so beautifully written that I had a difficult time putting it down. It has a depth that is rarely found in most novels. A real delight.

Susan B. Turner (NJ)


Gigi, WOW! What a neat adventure! Couldn't put the book down because I wanted to know what would happen next. Thank you for writing this story. Big love and you rock!

Rosemary S. (CA)


Once I started to read "The Music of an Unequal Love," I couldn't get it out of my mind - and I couldn't put it down. It caused me some nights with little sleep because I kept turning the pages. It also caused me to hold my breath, laugh, smile and re-examine my values about right or wrong. But above all, it guided me into a world I knew little about, the fascinating world of classical music. This book will make a perfect Christmas gift! Thank you, Gigi Stybr!

Gudrun Berger (Bregenz, Austria)


"The Music of an Unequal Love" is the greatest novel I have ever read. Intriguing relationships, both male and female. Fast paced, many-faceted. Fascinating detailed descriptions of characters, of New York, emotions, conversations, and music. Couldn't put it down.

Kamala Kadley (CA)


The Music of an Unequal Love is definitely a page-turner. I liked the flow of the story and the lessons if offers about love and life. The book prompted me to buy a classical CD. Thank you, Gigi Stybr, for your introduction to many of the undying masterpieces of the great composers. I hope you will soon publish volume II.

Hideko Marie T. (CA)


After years of exclusively reading non-fiction, "The Music of an Unequal Love," made me re-discover the pleasure of reading a good novel. Gigi Stybr's story is a truly enchanting journey of love and music. I loved it from the beginning to the end.

Shahla Rosa (CA)


Beautiful passages, exciting plot and full of adventure. This book would be ideal for a TV series or a movie. Great job, Gigi!

Gloria G. (NJ)


I haven't read a novel with more than 625 pages in two weeks for a long time. During the last two weeks, I felt I was in a different place at a different time. Early in the story Maestro Orson Mahler says, "Isabella, when you listen to music, sit back, relax, let it wash over you and say, take me, here I am, try to excite me…" As a reader, this is how I read the book page after page… I let the scene and Isabella's thoughts excite me with joy and fun. Also, I couldn't agree more that "…deep down in the core of music lies something that's beyond the notes. It's like a promise, a light, a ray of hope that touches us and carries us away." I loved the book!

Connie D.


The Music of an Unequal Love is an intertwined story of love and relationships woven against the tapistry of life in New York. The dramatic context draws the reader into the unusual world of concerts, singing and secret affairs. A book for reading on vacation on the beach or until the wee hours of the night.

Alixandra Mullins "firefaery" (CA)


This story is full of surprises and adventure. I found myself wondering what is going to happen next… and yet there are moments of serenity and poetic wisdom that made my heart sing and brought a smile to my lips. I loved this book and wanted it to go on forever…

Bonnie B. (NJ)


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